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“You're only as good as your last headline.” Charles Clutter's Mom

Every aspiring copywriter and journalism student is taught the importance of a powerful headline. Headlines act as stop sign in a crowded traffic jam of information overload.

Readers make snap decisions as they quickly scan a printed page, email or website. If you don’t grab them in a split second, they move on to something else.

That’s why rule number one in marketing writing is: headlines must convey usefulness, uniqueness and urgency. All that in 12 words or less!

Beyond the headline, your first sentence is a make-it-or-break it proposition. You may have succeeding in the seduction, but your marketing copy has to skillfully continue the caress.

What’s the secret of good marketing copy? It’s all in the KISS.

KISS – the guiding principle of good design – is an acronym that applies just as well to marketing writing. “Keep it short and simple.” Some may tell you that KISS actually stands for “keep it simple and stupid.” Though not as nice, that applies too.

Simplicity and clarity should always be the goal in writing. Unnecessary words and sentence complexity have no place in marketing writing.

Good copywriting is a fusion of art and mechanics. Although anyone with an installed spell-checker should be able to correct basic spelling and grammar errors, crafting a compelling sentence is more about finesse than technicality. Marketing copy entices with experienced know-how and carefully-focused feeling.


A passion for words

Charles Clutter’s passion for words results in content that is purposeful and persuasive. Whether writing for print or web, he communicates in a voice that is engaging and personalized.

Charles chooses words that are specific and memorable. His sentences are smooth and expressive, easily understood and fun to read. Punctuation and grammar are correct, consistent and communicative.

For the web, Charles writes content that "talks" to the reader in succinct, easy-to-read, short sentences. With ever growing competition for inbox click-throughs, Charles advocates for email that is short, simple and focused. (DIY hint: read Charles' email guidelines to improve your own writing.)

Charles Clutter can help you translate complex ideas into clear, compelling benefits that motivate action:

Corporate Communication & Professional Editing

Just as marketing and sales copy needs to be clear and concise, so too does all corporate communication. It must be professional as well as conversational.

Exceptional corporate communication has positive effects, especially in challenging situations. Again, consistency is the name of the game.

Charles Clutter can help with all types of professional corporate communications:

  • Marketing plans, strategy & operations plans; vision & scope documents
  • Company manuals, handbooks, and written policy
  • Business proposals & RFP responses
  • Letters & announcements
  • Corporate bios 
  • Executive ghostwriting

Charles Clutter is also skilled in proofreading and  professional editing.

Charles can correct grammar, delete redundancies, fix problem sentences, sharpen your vocabulary, eliminate wordiness, and eliminate obvious spelling errors.

To improve overall clarity and organization, Charles can re-arrange sentences and paragraphs if necessary.

Contact Charles Clutter to discuss your copywriting, corporate communication or editing project.

Charles Clutter: A persuasively credible written communicator with effective presentation abilities. Able to communicate complex messages in a simple, succinct and clear manner.