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“You're not going out of the house wearing THAT, are you?” Charles Clutter's Mom

Good design isn't just about looking pretty.

Unlike art, good design is not a matter of personal taste. Graphic design, whether in print or on the web, has a job to do – design has to grab your audience where it counts.

Whether aiming at their wallet or mindset, design has to speak to your audience, engage them, move them, and give them a personal, one-on-one experience. Design has to drive them to action.

For design to really work, it has to be fully integrated with the marketing message. That's why Charles Clutter delivers a holistic communications strategy, from concept to completion.

Good design conveys the image that you want for your company and accomplishes a particular goal. Design is what you wear for the rest of the world to see.

Don't be caught wearing something that your mom would be ashamed of.


zen and the art of design

Charles Clutter's graphic design style is built on balance, bringing equilibrium through asymmetry. Balanced layouts are more comfortable on the eyes and mind. He uses graphics that don’t overpower the text, carefully choosing images that enhance the written word.

Charles’ design work incorporates clean lines, simple fonts, and familiar shapes. For marketing pieces, he often makes use of square blocks – squares convey feelings of honesty, stability and trust. These are important elements in marketing communication.

The use of white space fits with Charles’ “less is more” design approach. White space aids readability of text, adds emphasis, and gives meaning to both image and text.

Communicating with visual impact, Charles Clutter ensures that your brand's personality is consistent with overall strategic marketing messages. Areas of expertise include:

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A holistic approach to Print & Web

Pundits proclaim that print is dead, killed by the Internet and digital media.

Their bold proclamations attract attention, but these social critics are wrong. Print is still king.

Visual communication has never been static. It is constantly evolving and reinventing itself. Just as the computer screen has its place as a delivery medium, paper and ink continue to command attention.

In fact, in today’s sensory overload world of websites, email blasts, television and mobile advertising, print stands above the heap in a visceral way that makes people take notice.

If the Internet is an informant, print is a seductress. Print is a multi dimensional, tactile experience. Typography, images, paper and colors are carefully crafted to converge, combining concept and technique to give meaning and relevance.

Differing from print work, digital design needs to consider technical aspects of web browser technology, scripting and accessibility. The electronic audience responds to information in new and challenging ways.

With Charles Clutter’s integrated communications approach, online and offline design coexist and support each other in a way that is coherent and seamless.

Charles Clutter: A exceptionally creative graphic designer with experience in art direction, print production and web development oversight. Demonstrated ability to successfully deliver on deadline, on time, and within budget.