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Unsought, unintended, and unexpected.

A random alignment of circumstances without apparent connection.

Inadvertent, fleeting moments of karmic serendipity – or mere, insignificant chance.

Charles Clutter visually documents the scene of the accident. His photographs and image manipulations are spontaneous and unplanned.

His camera is a revolver, loaded with only one bullet. He points the gun’s muzzle at his own head and pulls the trigger.



Charles Clutter's visual documentary includes pictures of people, places and things. Whether taken with a Nikon digital SLR or his iPhone, his photos are usually tweaked or treated using Photoshop or a toolkit of sundry iOS apps.

Selected photos can be viewed here, or on his iPhone-only web gallery,

All images are available for sale. Please enquire for pricing and licensing details.



Photo Exhibits


Giorgi Gallery, Berkeley, CA

In January of 2010, the Giorgi Gallery in Berkeley, California made history as it showcased the world's first exhibit of photographs taken exclusively with the iPhone. The  gallery exhibit included photos from all over the world, all created and edited exclusively on iPhones.

Charles' iPhone-produced photo, "Gone Bananas" was among those chosen for the Pixels at an Exhibition gallery event.

Read more about the exhibit.