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Print Communications

  • sell sheet writing samples

    Sell Sheets

    Called by many different names – sell sheets, sales sheets, data sheets, cut sheets, one sheets, or flyers – these single page marketing tools provide a burst of information about a product or service. Carefully crafted to make an immediate positive impression, sell sheets focus on benefits while highlighting features that entice the customer into action.
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  • brochure writing samples


    With more physical space than sell sheets, multi-page brochures can provide a virtual tour of your product or service, highlighting features, benefits, uses and specifications. The inclusion of folds allow for better separation of content for added emphasis and impact.

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  • press release writing samples

    Press Releases

    Press releases are as powerful for your business as advertising, and they’re practically free!. Press releases can promote any new development at your company. They can be sent to media, but are just as effective when given to clients or posted on your company website. Press releases add a level of legitimacy and importance to your marketing strategy.
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  • case study and white paper writing samples

    Case Studies & White Papers

    Case Studies are a valuable marketing communications tool that provide credibility, education and validation that potential customers need. They examine a specific experience, a stated problem, and how your company’s solution worked. White Papers offer a research-style look at general business problems and how your company can solve them.
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  • marketing plan writing samples

    Marketing Plans

    Every organization benefits from a marketing plan. It focuses the marketing effort, creates a strategy and actionable tactics, identifies messages and positioning, defines a set of marketing activities and eliminates needless spending. Marketing Plans should be the starting point for all marketing activities.

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Web Content

  • example

    Wrote content for the entire website. The web copy uses carefully chose keywords throughout for search engine optimization. Created the sitemap, navigation and flow of the site, developed the site’s visual design and made photo selections.

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  • example

    This small business wanted to create an identity for their specialized services, exuding professionalism and personalized warmth. Wrote all original copy, as well as complete design, photo selection and coding for their first-ever website.

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  • example

    An independent consultant wanted to have a site for potentials clients to find out more about her services. Wrote all content for the site, using the same copy for a complimentary print piece to reinforce the marketing message.

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  • example


    Wrote all content for "InPhase," a quarterly e-newsletter with industry-related and “soft sell” articles.

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  • example

    Email Campaign

    Wrote all content for this series of three targeted customer email blasts, reinforcing messages in a print brochure and press release that coincided with new product introduction.

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